Giving Back!!

Yorkton is our home.

We are proud of our city and want to give back.  We try and support local Charites and non-profits as they are so important to our community.  If we can help your group in any way,  get ahold of us and we will see what we can do.


Love Lives Here Auction.

Last Auction raised $400.00

They help feed the hungry and receive no public money.  They are awesome people doing awesome work.  If you want to help check out their Facebook page. 

We will be holding Auctions a few times a year, follow our Facebook page for more information or to bid.  

love lives here.jpg

Yorkton SPCA

Current fundraising program. Ten percent of all DIY Lawn Fertilizer kits sales will go to the Yorkton SPCA

This one is personal. I love all my dogs past and present. Rescue animals are special pets.


We are working on something cool.

Check back soon

Bird House